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September 16, 2021

Trust isn’t something I give freely.

After suffering a massive betrayal, I can’t let just anyone in. Does that manifest in a prickly attitude and fighter mentality? Yeah, sometimes. But no one can accuse me, Paige Bradshaw, of being weak. Fool me once and all that.

Maintaining the walls I put up was easy—for a while. Until I met Colin Blackburn, anyway. Not only is he Alpha of another pack, but he’s also my mate. If I keep pushing him away, one day it just might work. That’s not what I want, but how do I open myself up again? 

Becoming Luna of his pack is a terrifying challenge that I’m ill-prepared for, and even as I try to avoid it, circumstances force me to take on a leadership role. Wolves from both of our packs keep showing up dead, and Colin is my best chance at finding the murderer. We need to catch them before the casualties hit a new high, but when the serial killer is someone close to home, trusting my mate may be impossible.

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July 26, 2022

Have you ever had the person you were meant to love reject you? I have, and honestly? It sucks. Alex Dunn was supposed to be my mate, but I have a past, and he kicked me to the curb as soon as he learned about it. So much for fate. 

How did I handle it? I ran away, searching for a place where I could just be Amber, instead of Amber Tremaine, Homewrecker. But the new life I built for myself came crashing down when my dad died. While reeling from the loss, I have to face the pack that hates me and the mate that rejected me, and honestly, I am so not ready.

When I return, some things are exactly as I expected, but others are wildly different. For one, Alex is… nice to me. The way he’s acting tells me he might want to give us a try. However, from the things I’ve been hearing, he has a new woman in his bed every night. Couple that with the fact that he shamed me for sleeping around? Trusting his sincerity is pretty impossible.

Not that I have much time to process my ex-mate’s strange behavior, because my past is coming back to bite me again—literally this time. 

Lyle is the vampire who took my v card, which would have been much more enjoyable if he hadn’t tried to murder me right after. Nobody is perfect, right?

His failure to kill me has turned into a creepy obsession that spells out danger for me, my pack, and the entire werewolf species as a whole. The only person who can save us all? Yeah, you guessed it. It’s me—the girl who messes up everything. No pressure.



November 25, 2022

She's his daughter's best friend. But that means little to a man like Jack Sterling. 

Coming this holiday season is an age-gap, best friends dad steamy romance! 

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