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My entire life I've cherished reading. Escaping into a good book is my definition of fun. There's nothing like climbing into someone else's world and finding an adventure. You would think that my love for reading would pave the way for a lifetime career of writing. You couldn't be more wrong. Even though I was always the kid in school who received awards for my essays, I never took writing seriously. To me, my words didn't matter. It was much more fun to read someone else's than to articulate mine on paper.

I was actually reading a book when I got my first novel idea. After several hot mess drafts and some tears, Onyx Flame was born. Now, I don't think I could stop writing if I wanted to. I've discovered a entirely new passion for world building and words. My favorite genres to work within include fantasy, romance, and mystery. Each of my books contain some spicy scenes because what is life without a little spice.

The author title is just one of my many names. I'm also a wife, a mother, an Aquarius, and a psychology student. My life is ridiculously busy but when I do get a rare moment of downtime. You can find me obsessing over true crime, eating dessert, or sleeping.

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